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Your Java isn't the same

In the most recent survey, 50% of developers are using Java 11 or older. With a new Java version released every six months, many developers needed help following the language changes. This presentation will cover the main changes to each version after Java 11 up to Java 20, including Variable Type Inference (var), Records, Switch expressions, Text Blocks, Sealed Classes, Hidden Classes, Pattern Matching, virtual threads, and much more.


About: Chandra is a Sr. Distinguished Engineer at BNY Mellon. Chandra is a technologist in the financial services industry since 2003 and has been programming with Java since 1998. Chandra was selected as a 2019 Java Champion. He is a Java User Group (JUG) Leader, and helps run one of the largest Java user groups, NYJavaSIG and a founder-leader at the Garden State JUG. Chandra conducts code workshops and Code Katas on core Java features. He is a frequent speaker at Java user groups, and technology conferences including Oracle CodeOne, Oracle Code NY, QCon New York, Devnexus, DawsCon and GIDS India.

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