Yazılım Geliştirmede Siber Güvenliğin Önemi

We will discuss what Cyber ​​Security is, its importance, and precautions. It will be a highly secure presentation where we will evaluate the benefits of cyber security in software development and secure code development methods.


Our topic will be a cyber analysis of software products developed in the real world and the foundations of trust in the end user. It will be an event where we will make comments about what we should pay attention to in developing secure code.


Abdullah Engin Çağlayan

Senior Cyber ​​Security Specialist.  Çağlayan, who started his career in the Information Technologies and Electronic Security sector in 2009, directed his career to the field of Cyber ​​Security in 2019.  It provides services to companies and institutions on penetration testing and code analysis.  He worked in many positions such as Project Manager and Manager.  He currently continues to work as an Information Technologies and Cyber ​​Security Senior Manager at Mavinci Bilişim.


Thanks to our main sponsor, DefineX, for making this great event happen.

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