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How does DynamoDB provide predictable performance at any scale?

How does DynamoDB provide predictable performance at any scale?

DynamoDB is a serverless NoSQL database that offers high availability and predictable performance at any scale. This means that customers experience the same single millisecond latency profiles regardless of how big their DynamoDB tables get in time. In this talk, we will dive into how DynamoDB achieves this capability. DynamoDB's architecture offers various lessons on how to design a highly available, low-latency service at a planetary scale.



Evren Onem holds a BSc. in Maths, and an MSc. in Computer Engineering from Bogazici University. From his early engineering years, Evren had a continuous passion for scalable backend systems. He performed various software engineering roles in Turkey and Ireland, across start-ups, scale-ups, medium-sized global companies, as well as Big Tech. He is currently a Senior Manager of Software Engineering at AWS, heading up DynamoDB's Control Plane and Platform Services organization.


Thanks to our main sponsor, DefineX, for making this great event happen.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2023
18:00 - 20:00