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Clean & Hexagonal Architectures and Domain Driven Design Practices

Ali Gelenler

Clean & Hexagonal Architectures and Domain Driven Design Practices


Clean Architecture is a combination of design principles aimed at isolating the core business logic from external dependencies. It facilitates the creation of independent business logic in applications, allowing for the modification of external dependencies without affecting the core logic. This, in turn, enables the development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of robust and long-lasting applications.


In this presentation, we will explore how Clean Architecture principles can be practically applied in conjunction with Hexagonal Architecture and Domain-Driven Design.


Presentation Main Topics:


1- What is Clean Architecture, and How Is It Applied in Practice?

2- Hexagonal Architecture - Ports & Adapters: What Is It?

3- Translating Clean Architecture and Domain-Driven Design into

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Wednesday, October 25, 2023
18:30 - 20:30