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In 2019, OpenStack Days are renamed as OpenInfra Days to cover a wider scope and create a more diverse focus on the open-source projects being built to support open infrastructure. The focus is no longer on OpenStack cloud alone but has shifted to embrace the whole open infrastructure ecosystem surrounding it. But one thing has not changed. The passion, spirit, and energy of the community attending the event has remained exactly the same. 

OpenInfra Days are single or multi-day events that bring together cloud experts, customers and partners to discuss how IT organizations enable disruptive technologies and reduce their operational costs and leverage open infrastructure’s benefits. During these events, a wide range of key technologies including cloud computing, container infrastructures, big data and analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, edge computing, software defined storage (SDS), software defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV), CI/CD and 5G are being discussed. We give an OpenStack project overview, discuss best practices and case studies, review the OpenStack project roadmap. 

OpenInfra Day Turkey is a non-profit event organized by the OpenStack Turkey User Group and supported by the OpenStack Foundation. This will be the 4th event organized by Turkish community to discuss how open infrastructure shapes the future of IT. This event provides a platform to discuss key technologies that enable the new generation cloud based and distributed services through open infrastructure. There will be a good opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, reference implementations, best practices and case studies between the users of open infrastructure ecosystem. One of the other goals of this event is to extend the usage of OpenStack and other complementary projects like Ceph, Kubernetes, Docker, Kata Containers, OPNFV and ONAP through the region. 

OpenInfra Day Turkey also provides a unique opportunity to the platform’s vendors to show how they contribute to the ecosystem with their products and tools to produce the best open source cloud software possible. There will be a good platform for vendors to show the use cases and specific features of their products to a distinguished community. 

OpenInfra Day Turkey 2020 aims to bring important users, technologists and adopters together from both the government and private sector to showcase open infrastructure history and its future, demonstrate real-world applications, and highlight vendor solutions. Join us in Istanbul, Turkey on 17th of March, 2020 for our 4th premier event in Turkey with an amazing view of Bosphorus. 

In addition to OpenStack experts, community members, and vendors, you’ll hear from production users of other complementary projects (like Ceph, Kubernetes, Docker, Kata containers, and others) who’ll share what they’ve learned from their deployments. Come to the OpenInfra Day Turkey 2020 and see how open source is enabling the most trending technologies with great interoperability! Join OpenStack experts, our customers and partners, and active members of the OpenStack community in a full day event dedicated to learning about the power of open infrastructure. You will hear from the OpenStack experts, key members of the development community, cloud, storage and container industry experts, and existing users that are already transforming their infrastructure with open source projects.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020
06:00 - 15:00