Trendyol Tech 201: Meet Up & Hiring Challenge

Meet Up & Backend Hiring Challenge

1️⃣ Trendyol aims to create the most positive impact in our industry and contribute to the tech community by sharing our experiences. During this event at the introduction phase, we will have a series of sessions, our senior backend engineers will present their recent challenging initiatives. We welcome all tech communities who value technology and community culture to our free-admission event.


2️⃣ During the second phase we will execute a Hiring Challenge with experienced backend engineers who are willing for a fast-paced recruiting experience, candidates will pair with Trendyol Tech's leads and will experience live coding & system design technical sessions. These sessions will include pair programming while you’re expected to use best practices like TDD, SOLID, Design patterns, etc. also system design parts too, you’re expected to design a modern architecture with a high load capacity from scratch.


📍 You can join Trendyol Tech: 201 online or on Trendyol Campus! 


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Program & Speakers

Kutlu Araslı - Read Model Performance Improvements in High Scale

Ahmet Rende - Database Architecture in Distributed Systems, Teams

Mehmet Eren Yener - SR Developer’s Challenges at Trendyol

Ahmet Can Güven - Nanoservices Platform - SFX

Enes Açıkoğlu - CQRS, Outbox Pattern in Trendyol

Zekeriya Keskin - Trendyol Tech Engineering Culture / Soft Skills

Elif Bayrakdar - Microservice Saga Pattern


About Trendyol

Trendyol is the first decacorn in Turkey and one of the top e-commerce platforms in the world.


👩‍💻 Trendyol Tech team is over 1700 teammates, distributed in 4 countries and divided into 150+ scrum teams working autonomously. Trendyol deploys their 4500+ deployments as 80000+ pods on 7 different data centers and uses all of these resources to handle 9Tb+ data in order to process a high volume of daily orders. In order to achieve this volume, Trendyol gets over 6 Million hits on product listings per minute, which are more than 400 Million. As of today, Trendyol has more than 350K sellers and 26M active shoppers.


🧑‍💻 Each of Trendyol Tech teams defines their own solutions using DDD practices like event storming and selects the best tools and languages for their own challenges based on data. They deeply believe in agile practices, as well as TDD and Clean Code principles. Trendyol Tech teams have the opportunity to develop with many different and up-to-date programming languages, such as Java, Go, C#, Scala, Kotlin, and Node.js.Teams use Relational/NonRelational Database Management Systems such as Postgresql, ElasticSearch, Couchbase, and messaging software such as Kafka and RabbitMq.


🎯 As Trendyol Tech, they are constantly learning and raising the bar. Would you like to be a part of this team and learn, improve and achieve much more ambitious goals? Come to Trendyol Tech: 201!


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  • Always willing to learn and improve, result oriented, and loves teamwork,
  • Pairing with the team while applying best practices and mentoring about craft,
  • Experience in building successful production software systems,
  • Excel at Architecture & Designing Scalable Systems,
  • At least 5 years of professional software development experience.
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