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Mutation Testing in PHP | Maks Rafalko

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This talk gives quite a deep introduction to Mutation Testing methodology, describes how it can be used, and how developers can get started working with it. It also describes the issues of Code Coverage, shows how to automatically control the quality of the test suites and introduces Infection - Mutation Testing library for PHP.
Slides: https://slides.com/born_free/mutation-testing-infection-2

Maks Rafalko, Software Engineer at Itransition, Creator of Infection PHP
Twitter: https://twitter.com/maks_rafalko

PHPKonf 2021 was hold on September 2nd, 2021 by IstanbulPHP user group and Kommunity Originals
This year PHPKonf 2021 gathered 1200 participants, 17 speakers and 2 tracks.
Find all events here: https://kommunity.com/istanbulphp


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