An ultimate event platform to grow your community locally and internationally, organize outstanding events and communicate with your members within one place.

Kommunity Features

Why you should join Kommunity?

Kommunity is a platform where even a full-time working community leader can stay connected with the members.

  • Gather your community at one place to communicate, learn and work with it
  • Hold all organisational process on one platform instead of several services
  • Increase re-attendance of your events with automated reminders to community members
  • Boost the coverage of your events among Kommunity's international audience

A secret of successful community

What community leaders are looking for? A combination of community, communication, and events.

  • Eventbrite offers event organizing tools.
  • Meetup gives you event organizing and community creation tools.
  • On Facebook, you can find great socialization.

Therefore, only on Kommunity, you can find a perfect mix of all three particles to be a great fit for communities around the world.


Real people, real connections!

Kommunity provides its users with a place to socialize, learn, teach, and get inspired. It gathers people, gives them the power to reach a broad audience to give inspiration and talk about the things they’re passionate about.

Enlarge your connections with the people with the same interests as you. Follow and meet new people and get in touch with them.


Kommunity has no alternatives?

Check out what features we have to provide everything you need in a simple, free and the most efficient way

  • Create one community for free
  • Customize your community page
  • Communities networks
  • Segmentate your members
  • Plan unlimited number of events for free
  • Open Call for papers
  • Recurring events
  • Upload event materials: photo, video, slides
  • Promote organizers and co-organizers
  • Add schedule speakers to your event page
  • Community Analytics
  • Sponsors showcase on the event page
  • Create a waiting list
  • Manage your community members and event attendees
  • Sell different ticket types
  • Collect unlimited RSVPs for free
  • Send e-mail to you community members and event attendees
  • Create surveys with built-in forms
  • Send direct messages
  • Add polls
  • Follow your friends’ updates