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System Craftsmanship: Software Craftsmanship in the Cloud Native Era

Software Craftsmanship came out as a response of the software developers, to the problems of the software industry. Before that, Agile Methodologies solved some of the problems, but never could reach the “inner” level, which is highly related to “steadily adding values” and “well-crafted software or product”. 


Now we are in the Cloud Native era in which we are talking with our friends, customers, business stakeholders, etc. about Infrastructure-As-Code or Everything-As-Code which transforms every system engineer or system administrator to a “software developer or maintainer”, and every software developer into a "system engineer, administrator”. We shortly call this: DevOps; which is a culture transformation rather than a fancy title. 


So if everything including the infrastructure can be expressed as code, why not talk about extending the Software Craftsmanship culture towards the entire infrastructure or system and call this “System Craftsmanship”? 


In this talk, I will talk about why a “Software Craftsmanship” culture is also needed by those who are in the IT industry but don’t have a title of “Software Developer”, “Software Engineer”, “Software Architect” etc., by supporting with some real-life experiences. 


After an introduction of Cloud Native and Digital Transformation and its effects on organizations and IT people for both operations, and development parts, we will talk about Software Craftsmanship, how it solves Software Developer’s problems, and how it can solve IT operations people’s problems since they have to adapt the DevOps culture which is also built on top of some pillars of software development culture. 


Come and join my session, and let’s see together how we can build “well-crafted” systems by answering “WHY?"s!


P.S. The event will be in Turkish, but the presentation content will be in English. So for non-Turkish speakers, feel free to join the session and ask questions in English as well if you like.


Speaker bio: 


Aykut Bulgu has a professional career consists of both software engineering and consultancy for about 15 years. He has involved in many enterprise projects -mainly Java- and used many open-source products including the Red Hat JBoss stack in the first place. Nowadays he works on containerization with OpenShift Container Platform, application modernization, microservices, and open-source projects like Apache Kafka, Strimzi. He likes to share the Software Craftsmanship culture and co-organizes events for the Software Craftsmanship Turkey community. Currently, he works as a Services Content Architect at Red Hat.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021
16:30 - 18:00