Containers & Kubernetes

Container technology is one of the hottest technologies in cloud computing today. It is a different approach to virtualization which provides only the minimum that an app required to run and function as intended. They are fast and portable and make life easier for developers. Docker is the most popular containerisation platform and it created a standard way to deploy applications into containers. And Kubernetes is a powerful system, developed by Google, for managing these containerized applications. In this session, I will talk about this exciting technology, deploy an app using Docker container, and show how Kubernetes makes things even easier.


She graduated from YTU Mathematical Engineering in 2013 and started her career in IBM Turkey as a UNIX/Linux system admin. Currently, She is working as a senior engineer at Garanti Technology. In her current workplace, she works with PaaS environment as well as legacy UNIX environment. In her spare times, She is trying to learn different aspects of cloud computing. She likes automating things and loves helping people to understand Linux and Linux related topics. She also has a passion for open source technologies.

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