Pipeline as Code with Dagger

Pipeline as Code with Dagger


CI/CD as Code that Runs Anywhere

Powerful, programmable open source CI/CD engine that runs your pipelines in containers

pre-push on your local machine and/or post-push in CI


Introducing the latest innovation by Solomon Hykes, the visionary creator of Docker, we delve into the transformative world of Dagger – a groundbreaking tool that redefines the CI/CD landscape. In this session, we will explore the myriad challenges encountered in traditional CI/CD processes and unveil how Dagger offers a robust solution through its pioneering 'Pipeline as Code' model. Imagine crafting your CI/CD pipelines using the very same language as your project, encapsulated within versatile containers for unmatched efficiency and compatibility. Join us as we navigate through the intricacies of Dagger, illustrating its potential to streamline deployment workflows, enhance productivity, and revolutionize the way developers think about and implement CI/CD strategies.



Batuhan Apaydın

Docker Captain 23

Senior Software Developer


Linkedin: https://bit.ly/4aHpfjn


Etkinlik Yeri:

Medianova İstanbul Ofisi

Mecidiyeköy İş Merkezi, Şht. Ahmet Sok. No: 4 Kat: 15, 34387 




Metrobus Mecidiyeköy durağına 100 metre mesafede


Metrobüs: Mecidiyeköy durağından yürüme mesafesinde
M2 Metro - Şişli - Mecidiyeköy İstasyonu
M7 Metro - Mecidiyeköy İstasyonu

Marmaray: Yenikapı durağından M2 Şişli Metrosuna binilebilinir.





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