Empowered High Performing Teams

Empowered High Performing Teams


10 Ağustos Perşembe 19:00

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Understanding High Performing Teams

1. What is a high performing team

2. Key performance metrics for high-performing teams (Accelerate and DORA reports)

3. How do become a high performing team


Empowered Teams

1. Empowering teams with autonomy and purpose

2. Building strong product teams for innovation

3. Fostering a culture of experimentation and learning


Team Topologies and Value Streams - Positioning Your Team for Success

1. Understanding the principles of Team Topologies

2. Identifying the right team structures for different types of work

3. Aligning teams with value streams for efficient product delivery


Strategic DDD (Domain-Driven Design) for Empowered Teams - Applying Domain-Driven Design Principles

1. Breaking down organizational silos with strategic DDD

2. Creating cross-functional teams for better collaboration

3. Enabling teams to take ownership of their domains


Project Management Pitfalls - Overcoming Challenges to Achieve High Performing Teams and Continuous Innovation

1. Micromanagement and its impact on team performance

2. Unclear goals and lack of alignment within teams

3. Ineffective communication and collaboration issues

4. Insufficient focus on continuous improvement and learning

5. Neglecting the importance of a diverse and inclusive team culture



Hüseyin Yurtseven

Sr. Software Development Manager

Linkedin: https://bit.ly/3q17V6c


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