Sell your tickets through Kommunity

Produce exclusive content and sell tickets directly on Kommunity platform.

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Kommunity Features

Enjoy simple tickets management

All PRO community hosts can sell tickets to their members on Kommunity.

  • Add more value with several ticket types
  • Boost your sales by adding an end sales date for each ticket type
  • Generate discount codes to engage more people
  • Show how participants can benefit from each ticket type
  • Create time-limited deals for special occasions
  • Add a discount code into the link to simplify the ticket sales

Instant checkin at your on-site events

Tired of numerous paper lists with your attendees during registration? With Kommunity App you will be able to provide instant checkin with just a phone.

  • Check in all types of tickets and free RSVPs
  • See if the ticket was used already
  • Give your crew access to checkin to make it even faster
  • Discover manual checkin as an option
  • Stay paperless and effective!
Learn more about QR code scanner on Kommunity.
Accessible data and ready-to-view analytics

All ticket sales analytics is available directly in the Ticket tab. It’s never been easier to decide on your further sales strategy.

View the real-time stats on:

Number of tickets sold in each type
Discount codes applied
Tickets left for sales
Full list of attendees with e-mail addresses and ticket data
Ready to generate unique content and sell tickets to your members?