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Use Kommunity's Schedule & Speakers manager to add a clear agenda and noticeable speakers to your event page

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Kommunity Features

Kommunity’s Schedule & Speakers manager aims to make it simple to create and manage your event page without having to apply to external services.

Community organizers use different tools to create the event agenda and show it clearly: spreadsheets, bullet lists, documents, paid services, calendars, etc.

Build clear schedule for the event

No need to describe your agenda in the event info anymore.

Build a visually attractive multi-track schedule for your events with the Schedule & Speakers Management tool on Kommunity.

Let participants see the full picture of your event and decide which talk they want to attend and which speaker to listen to.


Introduce the key data

Show all the information your participants might need to make a decision about attendance:

  • Add multiple stages and days
  • Change duration of the session
  • Rename the tracks according to the topics
  • Add talks names and descriptions
  • Show the talks on the timeline
  • Introduce your speakers
  • Assign speakers to their talks

Showcase your partners

By going live with KLive streaming service you can also customize your event page by adding your sponsors logo.

Sharing logos and contact links will increase the brand awareness and provide participants with an easy access to the main sponsor’s information.

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Complete tedious event management tasks with a few clicks and focus on more important things!