Offer seamless registration flow

Simple RSVP is an entrance to your event. Don't let your attendees spend more time.

RSVP couldn't be easier!

Kommunity Features
Simple RSVP process

Offer your community members a simple and seamless registration process. Just one click on the “Attend” button will turn them into event participants, be sure they will get all the information and your updates afterwards.

Want to gather data from event attendees?

Manage required questions upon registration:

  • Collect email addresses
  • Gather questions for your speakers
  • Discover attendees interests
  • Check the level of people who apply for the event and more
Learn more about your event’s participants to produce appropriate content in the future! Check out more about Kommunity forms to create a questionnaire for your event.

Have limited seats?

Don’t worry if you have limited seats. You can use our Waitlist option. If someone refuses to come, the next user in the waiting list will be notified. Don’t deal with a lot of tables and forms, just use our built-in tool to:

  • Limit attendance
  • See the demand on the current topic to decide about organizing one more event
  • Choose who can participate
  • Save the people who couldn’t join to invite them to your future events
  • Eliminate people who say they’ll attend but never show up

At Kommunity, we do everything we can to save your time, make the experience easier, and increase the enjoyment of your events.

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