Open built-in Call for Papers

At Kommunity we value the time of our community organizers and want to make the Call for papers period as smooth as possible.

Kommunity Features

Managing Calls for papers for a conference can sometimes feel overwhelming: several services, many external links, different docs access, various tables. This is where a good CFP management tool can save you days of work.

Launch your CFP in several minutes

Kommunity CFP feature isn’t an add-on, it’s the system’s core functionality, which provides you with guidance and automation.

With our internal Call for papers you get:

  • CFPs automatic opening and closing
  • Transparent selection process
  • Custom session and speaker fields (text, files, links…)
  • Unlimited submissions
  • External CFP link to share it outside of Kommunity
  • Individual feedback with approval and decline emails
  • Unlimited number of people in content team
  • Communication with the applicants within the platform
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Offer a smooth submission process

As easy it is to create a CFP as easy it is to submit a talk. Within the platform a speaker can:

  • Fill in the CFP form with needed information
  • Save the speaker’s bio for the next submissions
  • Track the status of the application
  • Stay notified with the application updates
  • Be in touch with the organizer
  • Get feedback upon approval or decline

Stay open!

With Kommunity CFP your form is easily reached for your community members and accessible to all users inside and outside of the platform. Be open with your applicants! Select the deadlines for each step of the selection process and tell them what exactly are you looking for. Add tags to be sure submissions in the CFP is a great fit for your event agenda!

Let your program committee vote!

Give access to the applications to your event’s program committee.With the voting system, they can show which talks do they like while you can track the process to spot which reviewer is falling behind.

This allows you to save up time and make the selection process faster and more transparent.

Let us handle the Call For Papers for you!