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DevOpsDays İstanbul 2024

Attend the Most Awaited Conference of 2024 in Istanbul that brings development and operations together! The team that brings you the monthly DevOps Turkey meetups organizes the 6th DevOpsDays in Istanbul.


We're expecting about 400 people to join our event this year, along with more than 20 expert speaker sessions.



Dedeman Bostancı Istanbul Hotel & Convention Center


CFP - Speaker submissions are open until January 19, 2024




If you're interested in sponsoring DevOpsDays İstanbul, please reach out to us at istanbul@devopsdays.org.



If you're purchasing more than 10 tickets, reach out to us directly at istanbul@devopsdays.org. Otherwise, purchase your ticket here: https://kommunity.com/devops-turkiye/events/devopsdays-istanbul-2024-45c781c4/tickets

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DevOps Türkiye
Dedeman Bostancı Istanbul Hotel & Convention Center