Event Modeling vs. Event Storming



Webinnar is for Product Owners, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Team Leaders and Developers.


What is the goal:


The goal of the webinar is to show how Event Modeling and Event Storming can be used in the process of software development, making cooperation between business and engineers easier.


What is the agenda:

1. Where Event Storming and Event Modeling is used in the process.

2. How Event Modeling works?

3. How Event Storming works?

4. What we can achive from those workshops.


Speaker : Rafal Maciag

Rafal Maciag helps people to build information systems by using human natural fact-based thinking as a fundamentals. He propagates and enriches collaborative methodologies such as EventStorming and EventModeling so that they can be easily used.

He is the CEO of ModelingEvolution, where he creates healthy space for cooperation between business and software-engineers. 

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Thursday, August 20, 2020
16:00 - 18:00
DDD Istanbul