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Using Network Policies with VPC CNI on Amazon EKS

Abstract: Controlling the network traffic in Kubernetes is possible with Network Policies and the feature has been around for quite some time. Network Policies are like firewall rules for applications running inside Kubernetes. Most CNI Providers had the feature in their belts and for using Network Policies, EKS users had to rely on other CNI Providers like Cilium or Calico but it is now available with VPC CNI as well. The best part is, VPC CNI is leveraging the eBPF technology for Network Policies to allow more efficient packet filtering and it unlocks the potential for better overall performance when compared to iptables. In this talk, I will explain how to enable Network Policies for VPC CNI and demonstrate the usage with an example scenario.

Bio: Emin is working as a Solutions Architect and has undertaken tasks such as producing solutions related to Kubernetes, Cloud technologies and Cloud Native Transformation in general, and transferring best practices about these areas. He is CNCF Ambassador, he is part of the AWS Community Builder Program within the Containers category and he is part of the HashiCorp Ambassador Program within the Open Source community. He is part of the organiser team of the official Cloud Native Community Group Istanbul. He publishes blog posts from his personal Medium page and also participates in Open Source and Cloud Native related conferences and delivers talks about these technologies. He is in the organiser team of Kubernetes Community Days Turkiye conference.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2023
16:00 - 18:00
Cloud Türkiye