January Ankara: Network Concepts on GCP & Efficient CI on AWS

We continue learning together in the new year! 


Alper Sari, IT Specialist at turkticaret.net, is our first speaker,



Title: Essential Networking Concepts for GCP

Abstract: This session centers around the core principles of the networking system within the Google Cloud Platform. During this hands-on session, we will establish VPC networks and deploy virtual machine instances as web servers and MySQL servers. Specifically, our focus will be on enabling communication between internal networks through the utilization of the VPC Peering feature on the Google Cloud Platform. The practical exercises will guide us through various scenarios, including Firewall Operations and IP reservations. We'll delve into real-world use cases to enhance our understanding of the concepts presented.


Our second speaker will be Esad Ay, Software Engineer at Bayzat.



Title: CI Migration Journey to GitHub Actions with Self-Hosted runners on AWS

Abstract: In recent years, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) has emerged as an indispensable concept, revolutionizing software development by simplifying processes and significantly reducing the time to deliver software. Our relentless pursuit is to provide a software delivery lifecycle that is not only safe, automated, and flexible but also hassle-free. In today's session, we will delve into our journey of migrating from DroneCI to GitHub Actions.

Key Points to be Covered:

1. DroneCI's Status Quo and Limitations: Explore the challenges and limitations posed by the existing setup with DroneCI.

2. Choosing GitHub Actions: Uncover the reasons behind the strategic decision to transition to GitHub Actions, emphasizing how it aligns with our goals.

3. Setting Up Self-Hosted Runners on AWS: Take a deep dive into the configuring self-hosted runners for GitHub Actions on AWS, highlighting the technical aspects of the migration.

4. Developer Experience and Seamless Transition: Examine the developer experience during the transition from DroneCI to GitHub Actions.

Join us for an insightful exploration of our CI/CD journey and the nuances of transitioning between two powerful platforms.



19:00-19:40: Essential Networking Concepts for GCP (Turkish - Türkçe)

19:40-20:10: Food & Networking

20:10-20:50 CI Migration Journey to GitHub Actions with Self-Hosted runners on AWS (Turkish - Türkçe)


Location:  Ankara Tekmer (Cevizlidere, Yıldırım Kule, Mevlana Blv. Ankara TEKMER No:221-123, 06520 Çankaya/Ankara)

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