Immutable Infrastructure Primer

Altuğ Bozkurt ile Immutable Infrastructure Primer konusuyoruz. Herkesi 16 Mart 2023 saat 19:00'da Ankara Tekmer'e bekliyoruz.


19:00 - Altuğ Bozkurt: Immutable Infrastructure Primer

20:15 - Snacks and Networking


Konuşmacı: Altuğ Bozkurt

Altuğ Bozkurt completed his bachelor's in the departmant of Computer Engineering at Cankaya University in 2018. He has been working as a security engineer at Jotform for almost 5 years. During the last year, he has started to focus on infrastructure security and worked on scalable solutions to mitigate risks in that area at Jotform. Some of his areas of specialties are Linux kernel, eBPF, auditd, distributed systems.




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