Building event-driven applications with Cloud Run: Eventarc

This session will be about Eventarc and Cloud Run. We’ll talk about building event-driven applications with Cloud Run. Also, we’ll be inspecting an example node app that uses Cloud Run, Event Arc, and Auto ML APIs.


Konusma Turkce olacaktir. 


Çalgan Aygün is a backend and cloud engineer at QuarPay. Working on modernizing infrastructure and developing reliable and faster solutions for payment systems. Before QuarPay, Çalgan worked as a software developer at My Security Analytics, which aimed to provide analytics software for business, fraud, and government security.
Çalgan is one of the Google Cloud Innovators Champions on Serverless App Development. In addition to this community role, he is also GDG Ankara and GDG Cloud Ankara organizer and speaker. Experienced in serverless cloud services and backend development. Has individual and professional works on OSINT, document AI services, face recognition, amateur radio, payment systems, and high-scale scraping.

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