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Accelerating your Kubernetes journey with Amazon EKS Blueprints

Join us to learn about Amazon EKS Blueprints, a new project that was created to provision batteries-included Amazon EKS clusters, that meet well-architected principles. In this talk you will learn about Amazon EKS Blueprints and how you can leverage Terraform or AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) to deploy clusters, manage configuration and add-ons, and create Kubernetes environments with all the cluster components to support reliability, security and observability for your application workloads. We’ll start the session by exploring design stages and key considerations when designing well-architected Amazon EKS clusters, move onto an Amazon EKS Blueprints overview, before finishing with a live demo of the project in action.


The talk is targeted for existing Kubernetes users, developers, architects and DevOps Engineers. The talk will be in English. 


Robert Northard
Robert is a Sr. Containers Specialist SA at AWS and has experience advising on DevOps / Container platform implementations across a range of industries. Robert is passionate about Container technologies, Container Platforms and DevOps patterns. In his spare time, Robert enjoys hiking, traveling and exploring new places.


Natasha Wright
Natasha is a Sr. Containers Specialist at AWS, with 15+ years experience in DevOps transformation and strategy, helping customers unlock the value of DevOps. She has worked closely with container technologies, believing they are a key enabler to growth and innovation. Her current focus is supporting customers in the Middle East and Africa with container adoption. Natasha is an advocate for LGBT awareness, and a proud Inclusion Ambassador at AWS, helping to build an inclusive workplace for all.



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