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Roadmap and Career Discussions for Software Developers


In this event, we plan to listen to career stories from professionals in the software development industry and discuss topics such as the potential roadmaps we can chart for ourselves.


Moreover, we aspire for this to be an interactive event, providing the opportunity to ask questions that you may have.


Our Speakers:


Evren Tan - Engineering Manager at Property Finder

Our community leader, whom you all know.

Mert Bahardoğan - Software Engineer at Trendyol Group

Mert has been in the software development industry for 2 years. Currently, he is working at Trendyol Group. He enjoys learning new things and sharing his knowledge with the community through articles on Medium and technical presentations.

Ayşe Aktağ - Cyber Security Specialist at TurkNet

Ayşe is a graduate of Computer Engineering. Throughout her career, she has worked in Telecommunications and Consulting firms. Currently, she is working at TurkNet as a Cyber Security Specialist. She is involved in Vulnerability Management, Network Security, and Penetration Testing.


Merve Başak - Business Analyst at YapıKredi Technology

Merve has been working in the industry as a business analyst since 2020. Her current position is as a Senior Business Analyst at Yapıkredi Technology. Additionally, she actively supports volunteer initiatives with different communities. 


We extend our sincere gratitude to our primary sponsor, DefineX, and our venue sponsor, Ankara Tekmer, for their invaluable support in making this event a success.

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