What are the 7 Stages of Academic Writing?

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Ezra Hidaya
Published on Jul 20, 2024

Academic writing or scholarly writing supports scholars in introducing their ideas, examining research, and creating an effective argument. Despite the fact that scholarly writing could differ among disciplines. And it has plenty of features and stages. In this article, we will tell you about the stages of academic writing.

Stages of Academic Writing

1. Chapters
A chapter is one of the first stages in academic writing. Academic writers might submit chapters for an edit group that features plans from different writers. So, these edited books could provide plenty of views or a single topic or idea. These chapters follow other styles of academic writing. but then may offer less context since readers are possibly to have some knowledge of the field already.

2. Essays
An essay is a short version of academic writing comprised of 1500 to 2000 words, that introduces an idea or argument. In most cases, the essays aim to persuade the readers of an idea with the help of dispute or examination. So, the writer often provides the context on the topic to support their argument. But academic writers every so often publish their essays in academic journals.

3. Research Articles
Research articles provide an in-depth analysis of the author's free research. It clarifies the practices of scholars and methods to prove what they arrived at in conclusion. But every so often it references other data to support the findings of the research. If you still have trouble writing your essay or assignment, then it is better to employ a assignment help UAE. Writers from time to time submit these papers to academic papers or equal journals.

4. Technical reports
This explains the progress or effects of the official research. In most cases, authors write these reports to submit to the sponsor or firm funding the project of research. So, it might comprise approvals depending on the research of the results. But these papers hardly ever go over a peer review process.

5. Thesis
A thesis is a paper that précises the author's research on a certain topic. In normal cases who pursue advanced degrees such as master's and PhD, they need to finish their thesis at the end of their program. These are often lengthy papers and word count limits of finish thesis 6000 to 20,000 words.

6. Literary examine
This academic writing inspects a literary work like books or poetry. The writers credibly connect their analysis of an idea or a concept in the works. This examination from time to time offers context and setting of the work to help the author’s dispute. But then it normally involves certain aspects of literary work

Final Thought
These are the top academic writing stages. So, if you still have no clue about these or do not have the time to read the whole article or write your assignment. In that case, you must talk to your teacher.


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