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Re-wrapped in a thick scarf, Han Weiyi is really afraid of the cold, acting pays attention to three points of truth and seven points of falsehood. When she was a child, the story of sleeping out for one night in the cold winter months because of family reasons was not fabricated. On this Christmas Eve, no one would expect to stop a taxi. Fortunately, it is not far from the subway station. Han Weiyi, like a star, has not taken public transportation for a long time since he successfully pushed Wang's man to the throne of tens of millions of people watching movies two years ago. Miss Han, why don't I take you back? Looking back to see is Li Xu, Han Weiyi frowned slightly, the suitor has always been elegant, generous, not arrogant and impetuous temperament really let her have a good impression, but how did not expect, in such a critical moment would be such a stupid move. At the thought of this, Han Weiyi was so angry that he didn't even offer a smiling face. Instead, he asked softly, "Chief Li just said, 'cywo!" 'ld 'Has an opponent? Li Xu is stupefied, do not know what this Han Weiyi's words mean, can only nod gently, 'um' one. If'cywo If LD is listed independently, it will be a company with a market value of nearly trillion won in less than a month, and it will invest only 2.4 billion yuan in idolwo. 'ld 'As an opponent, Li's words are really a great encouragement to Lin's production. Han Weiyi spoke coldly, and naturally did not have a good look at the head of the Li room who had destroyed her business for a while. If it is a wild bee wave butterfly general character, Li Xu should be exasperated now, or simply do not understand what Han Weiyi said. But he looked puzzled, and a few seconds later asked, " 'idolwo!" Was LD really quoted the purchase price of 48000000000? Han Weiyi is stupefied, of course, she will not be proud to think that the men in the circle will be overwhelmed by her appearance, the stronger the resistance to women, the higher the position of standing, can not control their own belt where the guy can not go far. She did not answer,coltan ore processing, but pushed the door open and walked out of the barbecue shop. She had seen so many people. Most of them, like Li Xu, did not forget to invest and work when chasing women. Only a few, like Lin Weiran, made it clear that they were not interested in her or even in women. Knowing that men with a little ambition are basically like this, it is no wonder that she has been single until now. On the increasingly busy long street, even Han Weiyi, wearing thick winter clothes, clasped his arms and walked alone towards the subway station not far away. On the other hand, Lin Weiran sat in a warm car coaxed by air conditioning, bowing his head and fiddling with his mobile phone. It was not that he did not know how to pity her, but that Han Weiyi was not regarded by him as a weak woman who needed to be taken care of. 'Virtual Idols' will become'idolwo 'in the future As part of LD, how could Lin Weiran, who was preparing to be a large social networking site from a very early age, not know cywo? What is the name of the head of the operation team of LD? See Li Xu at the same time, Lin Weiran saw through Han Weiyi's calculation, as to go to that table to show the insolent posture, manganese beneficiation plant ,coltan ore processing, naturally there are other intentions. Brother, it's me. Dial the mobile phone, Park Zhengchang on the other end of the phone seems to be at home, "Remember to inform the operation group when you go to work the day after tomorrow, make a draft, the theme is that Samsung advertising is ready to buy us at a 48000000000, and then send it out as soon as possible." "Weiran, isn't that good?" "I know it's offensive to reveal acquisition numbers, but believe me, I already have a reason to do so." Because its value is not valued by advertisers, 'idolwo 'ld 'And'Virtual Idol' earnings are expected in the second quarter, but after the announcement, it is believed that it will not be a problem to maintain a balanced income and expenditure in the first quarter. Lin Weiran seems to be insolent to report the number out, I believe that within a few days will be reduced to a laughing stock in the industry, as long as the source of the 48000000000 is not just a new Korea, it is no problem. Park Zhengchang nagged a few words before hanging up the phone, Samsung advertising has a frightening background, Lin Weiran's blatant use of this can easily lead to hostility from the other side, but for the urgent need to prove their own value of'idolwo For LD, this opportunity is not to be missed. Finalize some details, this time the publicity plan, of course, also need Lin Weiran personally hosted, temporarily put down his work, he looked up at the SBS television station in front of him, thinking about how to send out another gift. Lin Yuner is a singer, although still a newcomer, but similar to this kind of ordinary people can easily play the day, she is to shoot overnight in the television station. And this gift is very difficult, in South Korea, where the requirements for idols are generally strict, the management company's control will be very strict, and the members of its group will be repeatedly questioned by the management company when they receive such expensive gifts. He gave Lin Yuner a gift to make her happy, not to make trouble for her. When he dialed the phone, Lin Weiran didn't expect Lin Yuner to pick it up, but when he heard a confused voice on the other end of the phone, he naturally smiled. What about sleeping? No rehearsal? "Wait." Lin Yuner, who picked up the phone, said softly that she walked out of the waiting room lightly, squinting in a daze that Lin Weiran could not see on the other end of the phone. She tried to open her eyes, shook her head to wake herself up, and complained feebly: "You are half an insider, and you need to know something about some processes, right?" Without waiting for Lin Weiran to speak, Lin Yuner continued: "The recording starts at four o'clock and lasts until eight o'clock. Then we will go to the next shooting site. There will be two commercial performances during the day, and we will come back to record a special program in the evening." "It's been hard." "It's just hard work. It's desperate, totally desperate!" Seemingly dissatisfied with Lin Weiran's understatement, Lin Yuner protested. Lin Weiran laughed, without the slightest sense of schadenfreude, he could imagine the rise of Lin Yuner's mouth on the other end of the phone, and that could hang a teapot on it. Lin Yuner suddenly asked, "Where are you?" Me? At the gate of SBS TV station. Sitting in the car, Lin Weiran looked at the TV station not far away and said, "Your programs are all recorded and broadcasted, and it's not good for me, an outsider,Portable gold trommel, to appear in the recording venue.". Jin Yanping knows me, and if he often appears, he will be suspicious. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com

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