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The Ancient Journey of Hunting Beautiful Men (Part One)

As he spoke, the fairy brother had already cut the clothes of several people who had besieged him with his sword. As a handful of powder was scattered, several people quickly retreated, covered their clothes in pain, and slowly fell to the ground. By this time, the bamboo had already flown to attack the fairy brother, and the first move was to kill him menacingly, seemingly to kill the fairy brother. Fairy brother reluctantly took two strokes, already scarred all over, seemingly hanging by a thread. It was a matter of life and death. I didn't even think about it, so I rushed to the bamboo. The bamboo didn't expect my sudden appearance. The scaly palm had already been used. In a hurry, I took the palm regardless of the consequences of the counter-attack. The fairy brother also took advantage of this rare opportunity to breathe and sprinkled poison on the bamboo. Bamboo even back a few steps, or did not stand firm, slowly fell. I was in a daze. I didn't expect that the bamboo would waste its life to save me. I approached the bamboo step by step. People have the instinct to protect themselves in times of crisis. If you choose to save others at that time, you must regard that person's life as more important than yourself! Bamboo, is his feeling for me true? I sat on the ground, put the head of the bamboo gently on his lap, feeling complicated, and finally I got him! Bamboo is still the usual smile, but at this time, even the corners of the mouth is very difficult, holding back the blood gushing into my throat, twisting my face feebly with my hand,spill plastic pallet, self-deprecating said: "I didn't expect to die under my own trick!"! My princess, it's really hard to be your husband! I don't know when I want to marry you no longer because of the secret martial arts I taught, but because I really want to grow old with you. You are so quaint and ugly. If I die, who can control you in the future? There was blood gushing out of the corners of the bamboo mouth. He wanted to pinch my nose, but he couldn't raise his hand. He shook it up in the air. I reached out and took the initiative to hold his hand. I bent over and lowered my head to his face to help him touch my nose. My eyes gradually turned red. The voice of the bamboo was so faint that I could not hear it. I put my ear to his mouth and heard him say weakly, "If there is an afterlife, we will be a pair of little mice.". Clumsy love, dull life, clumsy snuggle,heavy duty plastic pallet, silly together. Even if the mountain is blocked by snow, you can still nest in the warm haystack and bite your ears tightly. With all his strength, the bamboo bit the last bite on my ear, as if to make me remember him forever, and then suddenly tilted his head down, with a very satisfied smile on his face. The first drop of tears for love drops on the face of the bamboo, gently sliding down, my heart from now on there is a gap, this drop of tears like saline drops on the wound of my heart, numbing, painful, pain along the nerve all over the body. I unconsciously arranged the bamboo's hair, put the hair behind his ear, and fondled it repeatedly. The fairy brother stood beside me all the time without saying a word, but when I looked up, I saw that he had already bitten his red lips. Seeing that the bamboo was dead, plastic bulk containers ,foldable bulk container, the poisonous girl was in a mess, full of flaws, and the little cop was already exhausted at this time. Seeing that his chest was about to hit the calf with a palm, Qing flew to block it. At that moment, Qing smiled, and then he and the little cop fell heavily to the ground together. Buff looked at his blackened palm in horror and looked at it in disbelief. "Are you holding the determination to die?"? His clothes were covered with poison. "Liu Qing once divined that the day of the saint's wedding must be the time when I died. Since I came here today, I thought I would die!" Qing was still as lazy as usual, but seeing his chest rise and fall violently, I'm afraid he was also hit hard by the calf. Poison woman saw that the situation was not good, and had already flown away. Buff resigned to his fate and shook his head. He looked at me steadily. His eyes, which were so familiar, were now full of the fervor of love. He walked towards me step by step, but in the middle of the walk, he fell to the ground, showing a corner of his trousers, but it was shocking to see that his legs had turned black. The calf was so gossamer that he could hardly make a sound, and from the shape of his mouth, he seemed to be saying, "My Oroba!" Trying to put a hand into his arms to grope for something, just pulled out, the hand fell to the ground, the whole person can no longer move. In his hand is a thousand paper cranes! My eyes are blurred and my heart is cut. I will remember your love in this life. If I am reborn in the next life, I just want to repay your love in this life. At the same time, Qing climbed up to the sliver and took out a bloodstained bead from his bosom. The dying sliver's eyes were suddenly like stars. He said in a trembling voice, "Glass beads!"! It's you! "It's me!" Ten years ago, Liu Qing said that five years later you would have a disaster in Shanyao country. In order to help you get through the disaster, he designed to let me hide my mother from the sudden death and go to Shanyao country to replace the sick three princes. But because of the drug effect of the sudden death, I could not develop any more. That day you were poisoned by prostitution. In fact, it was me.. It's me, but I don't regret it. He clasped his fingers with the little cop and closed his eyes with a smile, as if he were sleeping in a beautiful dream. Sister-in-law Lin did not know when she suddenly appeared. With trembling hands and staggering steps, she threw herself on Qing and repeatedly nagged with sobs: "My son!"! My son! "Ten years ago," he said in a dream, "my son lingered in bed after seeing the Wind Protector, and passed away a few days later. I always thought that it was the wind protector who killed my son. When the saint was dying, I overheard Liu Qing say that my son would die because of the wind protector, so I made up my mind to avenge my son. But after the saint passed away, the wind protector left Luosuomen. After waiting for five years, I finally waited until the wind guardian brought the saint back. When I first saw him, I was concerned about the saint, so I decided to let him taste the heartbreak of losing his love. Just now I poisoned the saint, and after the right Dharma Protector was injured by Childe Qi, I took the opportunity to poison his wound medicine. This poison is one of the world's strange poisons that I have been looking for in five years. Sister-in-law Lin glanced at me guiltily and said faintly, "My child, I'm sorry!" He picked up a sword from the ground, drew it across his neck, and threw it on the body of the Qing Dynasty. The little cop looked at me forlornly for the last time. He seemed to have something stuck in his throat, but he didn't say it after all. He got up reluctantly, picked up Qing with difficulty, and murmured half-dully: "The sycamore tree!"! Sycamore tree! Step by step, he fell and struggled to the back garden,plastic pallet manufacturer, bleeding all the way, until he could not walk, and the last fall never got up again. cnplasticpallet.com

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START DATE Monday, September 19, 2022
Tuesday, September 20, 2022