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Shifang Tianshi [Finished Version] Author: Inverse Heaven.txt

Boom! By the light of the seven stars condensed into a white tiger illusion, bared his teeth and claws rushed to the corner gate, an earth-shaking explosion, the corner gate came a huge explosion, the wall rolling stones fell down one after another, the guards on the wall with a face of panic, one after another aimed at the weapons in their hands. Eh! "The wall is quite thick," Tuo Ba Lieh snorted. "Oh, my God, it's made of black titanium granite. No wonder it can't be split at once!" "I don't have time to waste with you!" Tuo Ba fiercely scolded, his starlight flashed, suddenly flew up, instantly on the wall, across the wall to fall out. Chase! Du Yunhai shouted and ordered the Du family on the edge of the city wall to open the gate quickly. Those Du Tianshi work together, twist the gate mechanism, the wall staggered up, a line of Du's guards, each riding a fierce beast hurriedly rushed out from the open gate. Taking advantage of the chaos, Ji Changkong is also very easy to mix out, out of the north gate of the corner city, he saw the figure of Tuo Ba lie far away slowly. The Du family, riding a fierce beast, did go out of the city gate, but did not dare to catch up so close. A seven-star heavenly scholar, they know what it means,tube lip gloss, even Du Yunhai, also dare not go out alone with the realm of Liuhe Heaven. Little bastards, remember, Lao Tzu is Tuo Ba Lie of Yunshui Kingdom! Suddenly there was a loud laugh in front of him. Tuo Ba raised his feet, quickened his speed, and quickly disappeared in a small mountain pass in front of him. Tuo Ba Lie! Du Yunhai turned pale with fright and hurriedly raised his hand to make a gesture of stopping, saying: "Stop, don't chase, Tuo Ba Lie is not easy to mess with,cosmetic tube, we don't need to make enemies with him.". The Du family guards who caught up with him also knew the fierce name of Tuo Ba Lie. Hearing what Du Yunhai said, they all dared not take another step and stopped beside Du Yunhai. Ji Changkong naturally did not stop, recognized the identity of Tuo Ba-lie, quietly chased up. At a narrow mountain intersection, Ji Changkong rushed head-on. Suddenly, Tuo Ba Lie appeared from behind a huge stone. He looked at him coldly and said, "My friend, you have been following me before. What do you want to do?" "Well, it's me." Ji Changkong smiled awkwardly and took out the broken stone from the mustard seed bag. "This stone was given to me by you," he said. "The sky!" With a startled look on his face, he came to Ji Changkong and suddenly patted him on the shoulder and said happily, "How can you look like this?"? I said, when I just passed you, I felt as if I had seen you somewhere. Why did you come to Tianwu? "The fate of my parents is unknown. I came to the corner city to find out the news from Du's family. Uncle Tuoba, how did you come back to the corner city?" "Oh, don't mention it. As soon as I heard that Li Lao appeared in Tianwu Kingdom, I came here immediately.". I received news that Gui yuanzong and Du's family were all gathered at Du's house, waiting for Li Lao to throw himself into the trap. This time, pump tube ,plastic packing tube, unlike before, if Li Lao really went to Du's house to look for trouble, he would probably not be able to get out. Tuo Balie shook his head with a sigh and said with a wry smile, "I know how old Li is. When he comes to Tianwu, he must go back to Du's house.". Over the years, he was still thinking about the hatred of that year. I deliberately made a scene in the corner city, hoping that the Du family would spread the news. If Li Lao was in the corner city and knew that I was nearby, maybe he would find me, so that I could tell him the news. "Uncle Tuoba, do you know the grudges between my father and mother and the Du family?" Ji Changkong took a deep breath, looked deeply at Tuo Ba Lie, and asked. Sky, I don't know anything about you, but the reason why Li Lao and the Du family are like this must be because of you and your mother! Don't worry, Li Lao must be near the corner city. If he knows I'm in the corner city, he will come to me naturally. When he comes, you ask him yourself. I think he will tell you the whole story. Patted Ji Changkong on the shoulder, Tuo Ba Liedao. All right, I'll ask him myself, hoping he'll show up soon. "Nodding his head, Ji Changkong said in a deep voice that he was a little excited, his breath was unstable, and his body was blue." Good boy, you have reached the realm of Sixiang Heaven! Good, good, a few years, you can have this achievement, the future will certainly be far more than those so-called young talent! Haha, I heard that you killed Du Changfeng. How did you do that? As far as I know, that boy is much more advanced than you! Tuo Ba Lie asked with great interest. You don't have to be higher than the other person to kill someone. With a shrug, Ji Changkong said, "When I killed Du Shaofeng, I had some regrets. Now it seems that I really killed the right person." "Kill well, kill well!"! That boy should be killed! Sky, the last time I saw you, you were still very young, and now you are much calmer than before. Tuo Balie was very happy and pulled him forward, asking him about his experience after leaving home as he walked. Treat Tuo Ba lie, Ji Changkong is very open, his experience out of Ji home after all said again, in addition to the body of Tianyuan beads and some very personal things, he did not have too many reservations about Tuo Ba lie. Tuo Ba Lie listened very carefully. When he heard that Du Yunsong was also killed by Ji Changkong, he showed great curiosity about Ji Changkong and kept asking for details. After listening to Ji Changkong's explanation, he looked impressed and said, "Taixu Secret Record really lives up to its reputation!" "Uncle Tuoba, do you know what I'm practicing is the Secret Record of Taixu?" Ji Changkong stunned, this has been his biggest secret, he really did not expect Tuo Ba lie actually said out. Tuo Ba Lie smiled and said, "There are countless secrets of all kinds of heavenly scholars in the world. However, there are very few heavenly scholars who can cultivate to the realm of the ten directions of heaven.". Among the secrets of heavenly scholars known at present, it is said that only six kinds of secrets of heavenly scholars, namely, Gui yuan Tian Shu of Gui yuan Zong, Kun Zhen Jing of Qian Kun Zong, Manichaeism of the Western Regions,metal cosmetic tubes, Shura Evil Code of the Northern Barbarian Shura Clan, Nine Barbarian God Shooting Spectrum of Nanyi and Taixu Secret Record, can be cultivated to the realm of ten directions of heaven. 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022