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Emperor Kangxi February River

Yesterday, Huang Laosi, who beat the green monkey in the street, was a waiter under boss Zheng. Originally, a few days ago, the Zhong Sanlang religion here held a three-day temple fair in front of the Shanshan Guild Hall, and their restaurant set up a temporary dining shed at the temple fair. Today, the meeting is over and the shed is being demolished. Several clerks had already split up to deliver things to the city, and only Huang Laosi was supporting the store. He suddenly saw two guests one after another came to the front of the shop, hurriedly smiled to let the guest: "Hey!"! The two guests are here. Good, good, inside- "the word" please "has not been exported, he was stunned there, the original. These two guests, one is the old enemy green monkey, the other is the young man who fought against injustice yesterday. Yesterday, however, he was an enemy, and today he was a customer. He did not dare not entertain him. He snorted a few times and then said, "Please, please, please are inside.". What would you like to eat? "Well, what good is a rotten shop in this shabby place?" Li Yuliang crossed his legs and sat down. "Let's have a few dishes to go with the wine first-Phoenix's nest, Gong Bao's deer belly, white fungus swallowtail,plastic pallet box, chrysanthemum rabbit silk, dragon and tiger fight, goose feet, and a chicken tongue soup.". Hurry up. Huang Laosi listened dumbfounded, saying that these dishes, if in the city shop, can also be done. But this is the semicolon at the temple fair, and it is to catch up with the demolition of the shed, how can it be done? Knowing that these two were looking for trouble today,drum spill containment, they could not break out, so they had to laugh and say: "My guest, unfortunately, the ingredients for these dishes have just been shipped back to the city.". I'm so sorry. Please forgive one or two. "Ah, in that case, let's make do with a drawer of steamed stuffed buns with pine needles and two roast chickens!" That's easy to do. Huang Laosi promised a "yes" and brought it up in a twinkling of an eye. Just as he was about to step down, he heard Yuliang shout, "Come back!"! You see, the steamed stuffed bun is as cold as ice cubes, and the chicken is also cold, which is for people to eat. "He knocked the plate loudly with chopsticks, provoking several customers over there to look this way.". Huang Laosi felt with his hand that the steamed stuffed bun was not cold, and the roast chicken was also slightly steaming. He knew that the two of them were entertaining themselves, but the clerk in the shop did not come back to deliver the materials, and the shopkeeper of the branch was not there. Yesterday, he learned Yuliang's strength and dared not attack at this time. Holding back his temper, he said with a smile, "My guest, plastic wheelie bins ,stackable plastic pallets, since it's too cold, I'd like to add a plate of ready-made dumplings and two steamed ducks that have just come out of the cage. Although the price is a little cheaper, they're all steaming hot.". Will you put on these two things? "All right, that's it!" Huang Laosi trotted to rectify Qi Chu and sent him over with a strip. He said he was "in a hurry" and stayed until the meal. Li Yuliang is not in a hurry. While eating slowly, he talked to the green monkey, asking for soup and rice, vinegar and ginger, and wiping his face with a hot towel from time to time. So salty, so weak. He also said that there were bones in the dumpling stuffing and that he had burped his teeth. He made some sarcastic remarks, which made Huang Laosi so angry that his seven orifices smoked. Seeing that the clerk who had gone into the city and the shopkeeper of the branch had come back, he quietly went in to discuss how to cure the two obstinate customers. After finishing the meal, Li Yuliang got up with a smile and stretched himself and asked the green monkey, "Monkey, are you full?" "I'm full." "Well, go!" When Huang Laosi saw the two of them get up and walk away, he didn't even say hello. He went around to the door first, stopped them with both hands and said, "Hey.." Hey! Where's the money? Can't account for it? "What will be the account?"? What did our men eat you? "Steamed duck and dumplings!" "Hey hey, strange, that is we use roast chicken and pine needle steamed stuffed bun to change!"! These two things are cheaper than those two things. If we don't ask you to settle the account, why do we want them in the opposite direction? "What about the steamed stuffed buns with pine needles and the roast chicken money?" "We didn't eat these two things. Why should we pay for them?" The green monkey also made a strange face and scolded Huang Laosi, "Thin yellow dog!"! I didn't eat your roast chicken buns. What kind of money do you want? Huang Laosi tilted his neck and thought for a long time, but he couldn't find anything to say about it. He became angry from embarrassment and said, "Well, the wild monkey who can't starve to death has come to practice today!" A word did not finish, only to hear a "bang", Huang Laosi had a slap on his face, which made him spin a grinding circle on the spot. As soon as he stood still, his face was slapped again, a big tooth had been knocked out, and blood trickled out of the corners of his mouth. Huang Laosi howled like a pig: "Come out!"! Block the door and don't let the two thieves go! When the guys in the back heard this, some were carrying fire scissors, some were waving fire sticks, and some were rushing out with shovels under their arms. There were more than twenty people. A few diners in the inner room saw that the limelight was not right, and they were so frightened that they pushed out without eating. All of a sudden, there was a lot of shouting and banging, and hundreds of people had gathered outside the shop to watch the scene of bustle. Seeing that all the guests had gone, Yuliang picked up the green monkey with a sneer and threw it out of a row of soup pots at the front of the shop. "Monkey, you go out!" The green monkey was in a daze and was already standing firmly outside the shop. When they saw that Yu Liang was weak, but a handsome white-faced scholar with such skill, they could not help cheering and shouting: "Good martial arts!" As he shouted, he craned his neck to watch the excitement inside. Huang Laosi was so angry that he went crazy. With a loud cry of "ah", he was so angry that his feet bounced up and he hit Yuliang with his head. Yuliang smiled, slanted his body to one side, picked up his braid in one hand, grabbed his back waist in the other hand, and sent Huang Laosi forward gently-only to hear a "poof" sound, Huang Laosi fell into the water tank beside the wall with his head down and feet up! The fat shopkeeper standing aside was so angry that he shouted at the top of his voice, "Give me everything!" He rushed up with about twenty shopkeepers. Unhurriedly, Li Yuliang pulled out an iron fire stick from under the stove, pointing east and west, pointing south and north. In an instant, a piece of the shop fell down. He simply picked up the oil pan on the stove, poured it on the shed, and took advantage of the fire,plastic pallet bin, only to see the smoke billowing and steaming, burning up in the north wind. The people who were watching the scene of bustle saw that the trouble was too big and fled one after another. Li Yuliang pulled the green monkey and took advantage of the chaos. They sat down to rest on the hillside a few miles away. Looking at the smoke and dust in the direction of the restaurant, Li Yuliang said with a smile: "Happy!"! What I did today is really a relief. What about you 。 cnplasticpallet.com

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